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I have a new idea for an application but do not know how to begin to build it. Can your company help me build my prototype?

Yes, we do most of our work from scratch because every project is unique and special in its' own right. We start with your idea and help you build it to meet or exceed your expectations and goals. We are persistent when it comes to new projects that benefit humanity to grow and better itself.

Can you explain in my home language, which is not English,  how I might use your company to scale my production of goods more efficiently and still have an improved return of investment?

We have a unique artificial intelligence application that we created that allows us to speak with and help thousands of different non-English languages on any subject matter. This application enables us to build solid and lasting relationships with individuals, communities, and businesses worldwide. We quickly and easily help others learn new knowledge and skills in their native language. This application is remarkable. Our simple methods of teaching may alter the future success of millions of companies and their varied workforces. We also use a KISS principle in our teaching methods so that most individuals and corporations can convert and start developing their knowledge and skills almost immediately. We bring cumbersome technological language down to an understandable and useable level in your diverse day-to-day operation.

I am worried about transferring my company secrets to a cloud platform. Can you explain to me how my fears can be alleviated?

Yes, of course. More than eighty percent of companies, like you, have held the same concerns. Some unscrupulous people work diligently to steal others' hard work. We love stopping them in their tracks. Often we can even pinpoint their locations, reporting them to authorities before they can do any damages. It is the unprepared company that is at the most significant risk of thieves. Your company, with its' secrets, is unprotected.Any work you do online jeopardizes those precious secrets. The evil knows back doors and can come into a non-cloud situation quietly and with bad intent. Being in a safe cloud allows the platform to be monitored, audited, and analyzed throughout a typical day. There are also on-demand audits that occur at the slightest indication of a threat. Think of it like unprotected sex and the varied problems that can bring forth. The company's in the news lately have old, antiquated platforms with many holes and gaps. These platforms could be the cause of significant disasters in the world very shortly. Knowing this now, these companies are scrambling to improve. We hope that you and other companies like you plan and prepare. The folks that have, in spite of their concerns, are now very happy they made the conversion.

Our company’s time to market is slowing down because of our IT services. We are wasting time and money trying to make it work. It is not working. How can your company help without causing us a great deal of downtime?

WAAS is an IT infrastructure that helps your company grow without having to worry about IT. Your team can only be as good as the tools with which they work. Your team is probably feeling frustrated as well. WAAS brings a holistic approach to the process. We bring the tools and teach your workforce how to use them quickly and efficiently. Your products get out to market quicker, and your customers and crew are happy. Our systems create an incredible flow of the structure, process, and people working together synergistically to reap the rewards more extraordinary than they could ever have reached alone.

Our company is making money, but our infrastructure is a mess. We keep putting more and more money into what have but we can not scale our productivity any longer. Is there an easy fix to our problem?

Change is always somewhat disruptive. But we have developed a KISS method that will make your issues disappear. Yes, the build takes a little time. But that time is well spent preparing a system designed as you planned it to be. Your company gains the freedom to expand and scale as necessary. We add only what is needed knowing we have made internal links for future improvements only as required. This is operational time and money saved for your company, as you can basically scale on demand.

We used to be agile. But our IT department is poorly managed and our equipment is outdated. How quickly could we expect a new usable system build by WAAS?

Each case is unique; however, once we evaluate your current needs and wants, we give you a well-thought-out estimate of the time and finances required to correct your company's problem.

We are a medium-sized healthcare facility.  We are finding it difficult to stay current with digital technology.  How can WAAS help us manage to grow without breaking our bank?

At WAAS, we take a holistic approach to your problem. We look deep into your systems to find the gaps that are causing you the most significant angst and security threats. We then develop what you need to be secure and manage your company and consumers efficiently and with greater ease. With improved consumer satisfaction, we help you boost your earnings rather than diminish them. We do not add unnecessary systems. We only build in the opportunity to expand your system so that you can handle future growth without disruption quickly.

We are a huge insurance company.  Younger, more agile companies are starting to become our competitors. How can you help us streamline our processes without losing our heritage and our brand?

We use only the best of all specialized programs and applications. These systems are well versed in the realm of large enterprise companies. We build on your heritage and brand. We never destroy something as crucial as that is to your continued success. Our systems integrate using AI and Machine Learning to make your company Lean and Agile. We help remarket and deliver your products in new innovative ways. We maintain your corporate integrity at all times.

We have added many new investigators and authors, but we continue to have difficulty getting our material through our process, published, and widely used.  Can WAAS help us?

Yes, we can assist with choosing and training you with the proper systems to help workflow and the successful submission of material. The world has become increasingly competitive. Businesses need to fully embrace new technology to keep up with the rapid pace. There are many inferior and counterfeit products on the market. We believe in only using the best as it always reaps greater returns.

What are some of the most critical concerns a work-from-home person should consider?

2021 has proven to be the year of Security. Governments, big businesses, and even individuals have been targets of ransomware and identity theft. VPNs once thought to be the most secure, have proven to be part of the problem. Many holes need attention. Security is an ongoing, evolving process. We work with the best of the best. We are current with information, and we also provide repeated and frequent audits. These audits alone create a tremendous barrier to want-to-be threats.

How do you manage so many different projects.

We fully embrace and utilize Microsoft Azure that provides the foundation and structure necessary to build, manage and complete multiple tasks. In addition, we use Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio and Microsoft Teams as a way to integrate various teams.

We have never used Azure or Team. How do we begin to bring this training for our Company?

We help by teaching a simple KISS process for the most widely used programs. We take the technical jargon out and replace it with everyday vocabulary making training more user-friendly. We use a Learn Do Teach Method. We teach in small pieces, showing the complete creation of a project. We have you practice until comfortable; then you have the opportunity to teach what you just learned to another. This process gets embedded in your brain for future use and helps people realize that there is nothing to fear.


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